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 LE-600 600W LED Follwspot catalog (1.3MB)

This new product has almost the same
illumination characteristics as 700W xenon follow spot.

LE-600 LED FollowSpot for Stage


Optical performance Same as 700w Xenon followspot.
Color temperature 6500`7000K.
General color rendering index >=Ra90
Production Effect Iris shutter , Dimming , Blurred outline , Strobe.
Operation Operate with the controller (remotely).
Convenience No cooling after turning off. No need to replace
the light source or adjust the light source.
Economy Light source has a long life (about 50,000 hours)
Safety Low outer wall temperature. (maximum temperature 60℃ or less)
Environment Silent , Lightweight ,Compact
Extensibility Centralized control of multiple lights is possible.


Attaching and detaching the controller
By attaching and detaching the controller, it is possible to adjust the position and angle of the controller according to the location and height of the operator.

Multiple followspots can be linked and operated
Multiple followspots can be linked and operated with one controller (in batch / individually) .With the included controller, only batch operation.

The optional DMX (XLR 5-pin) controller allows batch / individual operation.

 Illuminance characteristics

Minimum irradiation angle (7°)
Irradiation light diameter Center
(m) (mΦ) (Lx)
5 0.6 41135
10 1.2 10284
15 1.8 4571
20 2.5 2571
25 3.1 1645
30 3.7 1143
Maximum irradiation angle (13°)
rradiation light diameter Center
(m) (mΦ) (Lx)
5 1.2 11579
10 2.3 2895
15 3.5 1287
20 4.6 724
25 5.8 463
30 7.0 322

 Main Specifications

Average life of LED Approx. 50000 hours
❊Time to reach about 70% of the initial illuminance
LED color temperature 6500k - 7000K
General color rendering index Ra90 or higher
The angle at which the
follow spot can turn
Vertical direction : 50° upward to 50° downward
Horizontal : 360°
Irradiation angle Minimum : about 7°
Maximum:about 13°
Illuminance distribution rate about 80% (= minimum illuminance / maximum illuminance)
External dimensions (main unit only) 840mm (length) x 212mm (width) x 270mm (high) D
Mounting hole Φ10.2mm
Total weight 19kg (including controller)
Input power AC100 - 240V (50/60Hz , Single)
Power consumption 680W
Turn on / Turn off Instant on, instant off, instant relight
Iris shutter Fully open (maximum diameter) to minimum diameter
(about 16% of maximum diameter)
❊The light turns off automatically at the minimum diameter
Dimming 100% - 0% (Lights off)
Strobe 1-20 times / second adjustable. ❊Operate with ON / OFF
Color change 8 colors can be selected
Conversion(K) 6500  - 7000 / 6000 - 6500 / 5000 - 5500 / 4500 - 5000 /
3500 - 4000 / 3000 - 3500 / 2500 - 3000
Soft focus Switching by filter Operate with ON / OFF
Zoom / Focus Adjustment of irradiation angle (7-13°)
Adjustment of irradiation circle contour
Concatenation and batch operations Control possible with DMX controller (sold separately)
❊Up to 16 units
Other Color sheet rail :
Color sheet sold separately (height 194mm, caliber 168mm)

Gobo folder :
FIncluded 1 DGobo sold separately
D(dimension 33mm diameter, 1mm thickness)
Environment temperature / humidity 0 - 45℃ / 85% (no condensation)
Follow spot outer wall temperature Follow spot outer wall temperature:≤ 60℃
Isolation distance from follow spot outer wall 30cm or more
Isolation distance from
follow spot irradiation port
2 or more
Safety standard PSEACE
Degree of protection IP20

 External view

 LE-600 600W LED Follwspot catalog (1.3MB)

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